Rev Up Your Prayer Life


Has your praying become dull and lifeless? Do you find yourself using the same repetitive prayer phrases?  Are you intimated to pray because you don’t know what to say?

Here’s some help! — pray Scripture.  Whatever you read in God’s Word today or if you have taken the 22/119 Psalm challenge that I mentioned in yesterday’s blog, use God’s Word as your prayer language and guide.

The benefits:

  • You are praying the Word of God which keeps you praying in the will of God.
  • You are praying the heart of God for others.
  • You are praying truth.
  • You are praising God for Who and What He is.
  • You learn the ways and heart of God through prayer.
  • And, there are many others.

Let’s use Psalm 119:1-8, which you would have read today given you took the 21/119 Psalm challenge.

Today, Lord, I want to enjoy the blessed, undefiled life as you teach me Your Word, as I think Your Word, and therefore walk in Your ways.  My hearts desire is to obey your testimonies.  When I am tempted to go my own way, think my own thoughts, remind me to seek You with my whole heart. Enable me to guard your precepts diligently today.  May my life today be a testimony of praise as You teach me your judgments, and I learn your righteous judgments. 

Consider this in praying for your family:

Lord, how I long for my children today to walk in Your righteous paths, to be blameless before You and others.  May they live for You and not themselves today, seeking You at every turn with all their heart. Therefore, when they get up this morning, oh how I long for them to diligently seek Your Word!

Could you ask anything better for others than the truths, promises, and principles of God’s Word?

Pray on, brothers and sisters!

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