“I Don’t Have Time.”

“And in the morning, when I rise . . . .”


Question is, how does any true born-again believer think he or she can live in this present life without spending time at the feet of He Who created life; He Who gives you the ability to walk, talk, breathe, think, act, speak, etc?

Trust is, there is not a moment in our life that we are not desperate for God.  There is not a moment in our life that we are not dependent upon God.

Meeting with God on a daily basis is not a legalistic matter.  It is a life or death matter.

I’ll put it in simple terms.  It’s like taking my broken-down automobile to a dentist for repair. (No offense to any dentist who can actually repair cars.)  You get the point.  The dentist has tools, but they are not the correct tools for the repair, to address the issue.

  • How are going to keep your way pure, holy (Psalm 119:9)?
  • How are you going to fight the flesh (Psalm 119:11)?
  • How will God teach you if you do not read His living Textbook (Psalm 119:12)?
  • How will you know what to say to folks who ask your counsel or opinion on life (Psalm 119:13)?
  • What will bring you delight today, more than the riches of this world (Psalm 119:14, 16)?
  • What will your mind dwell on today . . . truth or human viewpoint? (Psalm 119:15)?

You don’t have time?  Who created time?  Ask God to help you arrange your priorities for the best things, like Mary (Luke 10:41-42).  Begin your day as you roll out of bed saying, “Lord, I give my day, my heart, my time, my plans, my life to You” (Psalm 23:1-3; 37:3-7a; 63:1; Proverbs 3:5-8; Matthew 6:33-34). I guarantee you that some of the things you are doing that are stealing your time to meet with God are things He never intended for you to be doing.  Seriously.

You have time.

22/119 Psalm Challenge


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