Friday’s Findings

Is Your Marriage a Picture of the Gospel?Here’s a great read written by my in-law’s former pastor, Dr. Hershel York.  Very transparent and insightful.

What’s Really Wrong With MillennialsThankful here for Joel’s thoughts concerning a subject tackled by many church growth blogs.

Gangman Style vs. Bible Reading“Bible reading is a privilege, not work! How cool would it be to trade off a couple of TV series for listening / reading through the Bible this next year? Don’t do it as a burden or from guilt. It’s a privilege. Love it!”

Ten Things We Should Get Angry About Before Yoga PantsAnd more than what this article is all about, these same people need the Gospel!!  The next time you get all fumed about yoga pants or Happy Holidays, ask yourself, “Did I share the Gospel with that person?”

Friday’s Findings

Why I Stand With the Five Houston PastorsPaul Chappell’s spot-on post about the sermons subpoena in Houston.

Christian Guide for Reading the NewsZach Franklin gives us a redemptive way to read to all the bad news in the world in print and through social media.

Millennials Want Something Real, Not Just Hashtags and Twitter

Why You May Be Tempted To Neglect Your ChurchEncouragement and insight on the need of getting back on the team!

Five Bad Substitutes For DisciplineExcellent counsel for parents!

Red Skelton’s Pledge of AllegianceA classic.  I remember watching him when I was young.