40 Days of Prayer & Fasting: Day #6


Focus on God:  Action

As you have gazed upon the beauty of God this week, and remembered His grandeur and greatness, and have spoken to yourself and others about Who God is, what affect has that revelation and knowledge had on your daily actions?  For instance, none of us should have a problem with low self-esteem when you know you are eternally connected to the God you read about in Isaiah 40 and Psalm 103!!!  You need not live in fear when you know you are a forever child of the God displayed in Psalm 27!!!  Because of Who God is, and his revelation of Himself to you every day, we should live with purpose, act with purpose, and be daily revived!! 

If we are to be revived and changed so that we have the courage, conviction and clarity to step forward and to both pray and act as the people of God for the glory of God, we must act with purpose.

Complete the Following:

1.  A good example of daily actions with purpose motivated by Who God is can be seen in the well-known account of David and Goliath.  Today, read 1 Samuel 17:17-54.

2.  Take note of the actions and words of David based solely upon what He knew to be true about His God.  List them in your journal.

3.  Who or what do you base your actions upon?  Are your actions today a reflection of your time gazing and remembering Who  God is?

Pray: Use 1 Samuel 17 as a prayer guide to praise God for Who He is, as a prayer guide for your fellowship with Him and as a prayer guide for your petitions.

Meditate:  Put into a sentence what God has revealed to you about Himself that you can meditate on today.

Note:  Posting on Saturdays and Sundays for the 40 days

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