Marriage Matters: Go Look in the Mirror

Recently my father-in-law said something that I think needs to be repeated.  While talking to my wife on the phone, he recalled his growing up days of wearing his Sunday church clothes for dinner and throughout the whole day.  He continues to do so for the reason that it’s the Lord’s day and that’s how he dresses for church, but there’s another reason that bears repeating, “Your mom sees me in my regular clothes all week and out of respect for her, I like to stay dressed up.”

Men, what do you do out of respect for your wife?  Do you . . .

  • Keep yourself looking nice and fit for your wife? Just an interesting thought here.  We want our wives to look good, but we dress slovenly and with no thought for what she might like.
  • Open the car door for her?
  • Seat her at the table?
  • Speak well of her to others?
  • Clean up after yourself such as pick up your clothes, clean the bathroom sink when you are finished, put the lid down (you know what I mean)?
  • Compliment her in private and public?
  • Make sure her car is taken care of, cleaned out, etc.?

Men, if you aren’t sure, ask your wife.  After all, we are to be the best servants in our home.  Christ gives you His best.  Men, let’s give our wives our best (Ephesians 5:25).

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