Spontaneity on the Scenic Route of Marriage

Husbands, when it comes to expressing your love for your wife, it doesn’t always have to be high dollar!

While on our way home from vacation, we took a scenic route side trip to one of our favorite cities. Over 42 years ago, we shared a momentous picnic in its famous park which holds fond memories for us.

After strolling the downtown streets, in-and-out of the shops, and then walking through some of the residential area, we made our way to the park. My wife said, “I wish we had a picnic lunch we could share.”

Well, that was not in the plan upon arriving in the city, but spontaneity can be fun!

Since we had a few food ideas left over in the cooler and dry bag, I told Denise to find a park bench and to wait on me.

Within five minutes or less, plain cheese sandwiches on delicious rolls (we had no condiments), mint cookies and a tangerine were plated up and accompanied by our favorite soft drink, Ale 8. With food, drink and napkin in hand, I headed to the park bench.

“Well, this is the best I could do!”

I loved the look on Denise’s face and the tear in her eye!

What a romantic time we had eating our dry cheese sandwich that tasted like a $15 Reuben!

The recounted memories, time in prayer thanking God for all the years together since that infamous date, and just being together was in the words of one of my grandsons, “Super cool!”

So husbands, take time to enjoy the scenic route in marriage. You lead. Be spontaneous. Cheese and bread sandwiches can really be good!!

4 thoughts on “Spontaneity on the Scenic Route of Marriage

  1. You are so good at spontaneity! It always touches my heart that you’re so thoughtful. That picnic wasn’t filet? It sure tasted like it to me! ♥️

    1. I know that my spontaneity has been a big “learning curve” over the years for a detailed planner, but thank you for going along with me. You are the best!!! 143!!!

  2. Great thoughts Dale. It truly is, the moment and what you make it.
    As you know, I LOVE reubens, so I didn’t like the analogy 😉 but Denise’s was on. lol.
    Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks, James! I would not want to put my cheese sandwich up against your reubens, but in this scenario it was cheese sandwiches for the win!! 🙂

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