Get Off the Interstate: Picnic for Two With a View

A hurry-up life-style results in a throwaway culture.

Chuck Swindoll

Indeed, many, many marriages are thrown away or put-on-the-back-burner because of the hurried pace and expectations of today’s society. There’s little time to develop attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterize the culture of a good, godly marriage.

So, I offer a simple solution that can have positive “cultural” effects by way of two examples. If you don’t live in East Tennessee or travel these roads, just adapt to your neck-of-the-woods!

Solution #1

To begin, jump off Interstate 81, Exit 23 in East Tennessee and turn onto US-11E S toward Bulls Gap. Travel 1.5 miles to Yoders Country Market.

When you pull into the parking lot, you will be tempted to purchase their out-of-this-world donuts or pretzels. Head on inside to the back of the store to the meat counter where you will order your deli sandwich that’s a pile-on-high for sure! My wife and I always split a sandwich. Fill out the order slip, place it in the basket and then stroll the aisles to pick up your drinks and a bag of chips. Once your name is called, pick up your sandwich(es) and head for the checkout. Don’t forget those donuts are out in the parking lot!

Yoders has a sheltered picnic area that’s usually accompanied with a nice breeze on the left side of the building as you face the front doors. Sit down, rest, and talk to one another. Enjoy the journey. Don’t be in a hurry.

Solution #2

Head on back to the Interstate for an extended scenic drive!

  • Merge onto I-81 South to Exit 8
  • Take US 25E South to White Pine, TN
  • Turn onto TN Highway 113 South (Sonic Drive-In)
  • Continue on TN 113 for six miles and turn right onto US-25W N/US-70 W to Dandridge, TN
  • Turn left onto East Main Street and then right onto what becomes West Main Street / Highway 139 West. The little downtown of Dandridge would be a nice stop for another time.
  • (If you like looking at beautiful houses in a lakefront subdivision, turn left into Majestic Bay as you are coming out of Dandridge on TN 139 West.)
  • Continue on TN 139 West to TN 338 South (Mike’s Market & Deli)
  • Turn left onto Douglas Dam Road / TN 338 S to Douglas River Way and make another left turn.
  • Go a short distance to Douglas Overlook Way. There you will find a great view of the lake and many picnic tables.

Once you have arrived, take your sweetheart by the hand along with your picnic foods, table cloth, blanket (we keep one in the back of the car), etc., pick a table and enjoy some quiet, peaceful scenery and each other!

When you have reached the point of taking that deep breath of relaxation and refreshment, maybe catch a nap or take a walk down toward the lake. Don’t rush!!

Scenic Route Marriage Tip: “A hurry-up life-style results in a throwaway culture.” Take intentional moments of the gift of time to build a lasting culture of marriage.

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