Come Around the Fire

Monday’s Ministry Encouragement: Written to encourage you, my friend in ministry, to be refreshed and renewed as we live for Christ and look toward the Bema.

Before men’s prayer breakfast on Saturday morning, a real concern gripped my heart. The men arrived, filled their plates, and gathered around the firepit. On this cloudy, 34 degree morning, the roaring fire felt really good!!

Enjoying the variety of foods, hot coffee, transparent sharing, applicational teaching from Psalm 119 and honest prayer, something happened. That concern lodged in the forefront of my mind was a forgotten thing.

Fellowship around the Word and prayer with other men directed my thoughts to more substantive matters . . . Truth and the comradery of brothers in Christ.

Pastors, this same thing would be so helpful for us as we face the concerns, fears, and expectations of ministry on a weekly basis.

We need to gather with other men and fellow pastors who will . . .

  • speak truth
  • laugh with us
  • pray fervently and transparently
  • encourage one another
  • challenge one another
  • be real
  • leave personal / pastoral / church competition at home
  • be “one of the boys”
  • disciple one another

These men who gathered around my firepit did just this. On Sunday, we were still cheering each other on, rejoicing in the blessing of fellowship, talking about what the Holy Spirit taught us, and reflecting on the goodness of God.

Ministry is all about relationships.

Pastors, what group of men (other pastors or men in your church) will you gather with this week? Around a firepit? At a coffee shop? At a local greenway trail? Reading through a book together?

You need the Truth and comradery of brothers in Christ!

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